• tried it works good

    - By al
  • I purchased the tips just to try them out being I knew nothing at all about any casinos. I am not a gambler but it looked like fun when there is some direction. First time at the local casino here in Detroit with 125 dollars in my pocket , in 20 mins I walked out with $3,000 using JFK\’s tips. Second time with $300 i dipped with $800 in 15 mins. Third time with $200 i left with $500. forth time I lost $100 bucks because I went with someone and ended up staying too long after a $500 win and I was ready to go and they weren\’t. It seems to me that if only you master the dipping part of the lessons you can\’t go wrong with these tips. Im so glad I found you guys. Thank you.

    - By MsDiva

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